Formed in 2015 the CVDCA Provides Support for:

♦ Economic Development

Promote Strong & Stable economic development on Central Vancouver Island.  The development & Construction Industry is a significant contributor to the Canadian & local economy.

♦ Inform

The CVDCA strives to update and inform its members on all current and relevant issues dealing with the construction industry.

♦ Policy Reviews

Maintain an active dialogue with government agencies, the Chamber of Commerce, local businesses and the community at large.  The CVDCA has a close working relationship with local governments and it provides input and review on policy and bylaws that impact the development and construction industry.

♦ Public Forums

Participate in public forums relating to the industry.

♦ Fairness & Equity

Promote principles of fairness & equity in the development & construction industry.

♦ Community Initiatives

Promote Strong & Stable economic environment within the community and has assisted local initiatives with our membership’s extensive experience and expertise. 

We welcome everyone in the community of the Comox Valley to get involved in the decisions for growth in the area. If you are involved in business, real estate development and/or construction please feel free to contact us for more information or attend a meeting.



“The association’s goal is to provide a single unified voice for developer and builder and professionals on matters that relate to development in the Comox Valley.”